Beckenbauer is “accused” of corruption … and FIFA is unable to prosecute him


“Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer and former officials of the German Football Association will not be prosecuted over allegations of corruption in granting rights to the 2006 World Cup due to its fall over time, according to what the FIFA Ethics Committee announced Thursday.

“The Judicial Chamber of the Independent Ethics Committee has ruled that the conduct of Franz Beckenbauer, Theo Zfantsiger and Horst Rudolf Schmidt in connection with the 2006 World Cup will not be prosecuted due to the passage of time,” the FIFA statement said.

The internal judiciary told FIFA that it had decided that the time limit had expired in 2012 for the former soccer star Beckenbauer, and in 2015 for the couple Zvansiger and Schmidt.

In March 2016, FIFA’s Ethics Committee opened formal proceedings against Beckenbauer and 5 other people over their role in awarding the 2006 World Cup rights in Germany, amid allegations of bribes.

Beckenbauer, head of Germany’s bid to host the 2006 World Cup, was the subject of an investigation by the Swiss judiciary on charges of buying votes for the rights to host the World Cup, but he denied this claim.

Former local association president Zfantsiger and former general secretary Schmidt have also been mentioned in this case.

At the time, the Ethics Committee referred to “potential unpaid payments and contracts for the right to organize the 2006 World Cup.”

The report, published by the German magazine “Der Spiegel” in 2015, raised what was hidden in public, in which it was stated that Germany used a “secret fund” of 10 million Swiss francs (6.7 million euros) to buy votes and obtain the rights to host the World Cup at the expense of South Africa.

Germany beat South Africa in the 2006 World Cup by 12 votes to 11.

“Kaiser” was one of the stars who won the World Cup in 1974 as a player after defeating Holland in the final 2-1. He also won the title as a coach in 1990, when he led his country to beat Argentina with a free goal.


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