Basma Wahba prepares for her new program with New Look .. Pictures


After her arrival in Cairo, Basma Wahba began preparing for her return to the media next March with the program “Qandil Umm Hashem”.

Basma Wahba posted photos of her and a video while she was in the beauty salon, and she appeared changing the color and length of her hair.

Basma Wahba announces the date of her return to the screen with a new program

Basma Wahba revealed that she had muscle paralysis in the face, following a medical error in a beauty center.

Basma Wahba said in a video posted on her Instagram account that she is undergoing treatment under the supervision of a doctor who traveled to Dubai especially for her, because she lost the ability to eat and speak normally, and the doctor told her a month ago that she suffers from muscle paralysis due to stress.

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