Bakry Salim: Marwan Hamdy is the clearing gift for Zamalek, and he will be the top scorer in the league


Major General Bakri Selim, executive director of the clearing house, revealed the scenes of the joining of Marwan Hamdi, the striker of the former Fayoumi team, who recently transferred to the club Zamalek, Bakri Selim said in statements to the “Zamalekawi” program with the journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour: Marwan Hamdi is a gift from Egypt to clear the Zamalek club, and if he gets the right attention, it will be the most appropriate alternative for Mustafa Mohamed, and I expect him to be the top scorer of the league, and Zamalek is one of the few clubs that host foreign players. Like Hussein Yasser Al-Mohammadi.

He added: Major General Imad Abdel Aziz and Al-Samri spoke with Major General Muhammad Abdel Salam and with me, and all measures were taken after obtaining Ihab Jalal’s permission and the approval of the player, and matters did not take more than 5 minutes by phone, and we did not have any exaggerated demands. Marwan has high morals and has ambition and a goal-scorer who knows the way of the goal, and he has the capabilities, he just needs to be patient with him, give him the opportunity and he will be one of the best scorer Zamalek.

The Zamalek club coaching staff, led by Jaime Pacheco, has developed a special program for the two Mahmoud Abdel-Razek ShikabalaAnd Abdullah Jumaa, a team player, to implement it individually after the end of collective training with the rest of the players.

And the Zamalek device set additional exercises for Shikabala and Jumah that include physical exercises in order to raise the fitness of the duo and reduce weight in the coming period to reach the required form that makes each player able to participate in the matches for 90 minutes without any fatigue or exhaustion.

In another context, Zamalek concludes its training on Tuesday, in preparation for the Ismaili match, on Wednesday, at Cairo Stadium, within the framework of the thirteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, and the technical staff decided to enter a closed camp after Tuesday’s training, in preparation for the Ismaili confrontation, where the team goes into its collective training At the club’s stadium normally, and then enters a closed camp in preparation for the dervish meeting, and the technical staff is scheduled to announce the match list after tomorrow’s training.


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