Bakri on the American report on Khashoggi: “The aim is to blackmail the state of the Two Holy Mosques.”


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Parliamentarian Mustafa Bakri, a member of the Egyptian Parliament, commented on the recent US intelligence report on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Bakri tweeted: “Biden threatens to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for human rights violations. Who gave Washington this right, in order to threaten, threaten and interfere in the internal affairs of independent and sovereign countries, if the US president thinks that he is capable of doing so to reproduce the scenario of Arab devastation again?” I tell him, our people learned the lesson well. ”

He added: “Our peoples have realized the dimensions of the conspiracy and its goals that were aimed at the benefit of Israel and at the expense of the Palestinian cause, the constants of Arab national security, if there is no decisive and categorical Arab position against American bullying. Today they opened the Khashoggi case to the Kingdom despite the rulings issued by the Saudi judiciary, and tomorrow they do it.”

On Arab solidarity with Saudi Arabia, Bakri said: “With Egypt, the Emirates, Algeria and others, Arab solidarity with Saudi Arabia is a defense of ourselves, the national state and our Arab national security. Biden launches a test balloon to open the way for interference in our affairs and imposing the system of American values ​​on our Arab countries. And Islamic ».

And he continued, “They cheer Biden and his blatant interference in our affairs, for tomorrow they may not find homelands that protect them and their families from being lost.”

Bakri clarified that the goal is not Khashoggi, but to blackmail the state of the Two Holy Mosques, saying: “The target is not Khashoggi. Biden talks about human rights in our country, to talk to us about black rights in America. ”

He concluded his series of tweets with a tweet in which he inquired about the wasted rights of Americans, saying: “About the rights of the five Americans who were killed inside the headquarters of Congress, and about the fraud of the recent US presidential elections. This interference constitutes an attack on international law and the sovereignty of a brother Arab country.

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