Australia halts campaigns promoting Corona vaccination through “Facebook”


Australia stops promoting vaccination against Corona via

Reuters Dado Ruvic

Facebook logo and Australia flag

The Australian Ministry of Health announced the suspension of its anti-Corona vaccination campaigns through Facebook, after the social network blocked news content in protest against a government-backed bill.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said that his ministry will continue to fund the advertising campaign, but not through “Facebook”, noting that all financial allocations will be used to promote the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus in the country, which amounts to 16.5 million euros.

He added that his ministry will continue to spread information on this social network, but it will not resort to it for promotion.

A dispute erupted between Australia and “Facebook” over a bill aimed at forcing the tech giant to pay money to the media for its content.

Facebook strongly opposed the order, and in response, it banned many news content.

Work has been suspended on several official Facebook pages in the country, including those affiliated with emergency agencies, which has sparked a wave of condemnation.

Source: “Monte Carlo”


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