Aseel Omran confirms that family is more important than work for her


Cairo – The Voice of the Emirates

The Saudi star confirmed Aseel Omran Family is more important than work for her, and that her family always comes to the fore and in many times she cancels her work schedules to spend time with her father and mother, noting that work is also very important because her happiness lies in success. And Aseel said in press statements that she loves Arabic food In general, Indian food is also similar to Gulf food, confirming that she does not prefer American or European food. And about the best recipe that she prefers in herself, Aseel indicated that she is flexible and simple in life, stressing that the worst characteristic in it is her temperament, and she said: “I am not like all girls, I became moody a lot of the time, and I prefer to sit at home and go out, ”adding:“ My sister, Jane, suffers from me because of this issue. ”

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