Artist Wael Sharaf surprises the audience with his talk of retirement. Video


Mahmoud Salah Sunday, February 28, 2021 – 16:34

Wael Sharaf revealed the fact that he had recently moved away from participating in new artistic works and was thinking of retiring, and he also answered many questions that baffled his fans and followers.

The fact that the Syrian artist Wael Sharaf retired from acting

Wael Sharaf, the Syrian artist, appeared on his official YouTube channel to respond to questions posed to him by many followers, including what was said about his decision to retire and not participate in any new work, as Wael Sharaf explained the reason for this departure and the fact that he was thinking about this step. That this idea may be taken in two cases, he said: “There are those who talked about the idea of ​​my retirement during the recent period, but I confirm that I might think about retirement and this is possible, but in the event that I became unable to present a new character or I no longer have tools, then my departure in the recent period came After filming the series (Black Ward) before the start of the Coronavirus crisis, I found it an opportunity for me to have a respite at a time when everyone sees what is happening in the world because of this new virus.

Wael Sharaf: “I apologized for many of my work in the recent period.”

Wael Sharaf talked about presenting more than one role for him in the recent period in order to return, but he apologized for him, at a time he stressed that the possibility of his participation in work during the coming period is possible because he started reading some texts, while he returned and stressed that the idea of ​​his departure is not hers. Related to his thinking about retirement, as it was reported: “The period of rest that I got increased a little with the continuing crisis, but she presented me with many texts that I read and apologized for, while I am still studying some of the texts that were presented to me, and therefore the idea of ​​my departure during this period has nothing to do with an idea Retirement, but it is related to the idea of ​​the current situation, and God willing, there may be a new artwork soon. ”

Wael Sharaf: The character of “Moataz” in “Bab Al Hara” dot the closest to me

Wael Sharaf clarified his position on the talk of some about his advanced age, as he emphasized that the idea of ​​wrinkles appearing on his face due to age factors does not pay attention to it because no one remains young according to his description, and he also indicated that the character of “Moataz” in the series “Bab Al-Hara” is similar to him, specifically. During his youth, Wael Sharaf said: “Moataz’s personality is, in fact, similar to me in my twenties. As for the talk of some people about my aging and the appearance of wrinkles on my face, there is no one who remains young, everyone grows up.”

Wael Sharaf was the last artistic work in which he participated in the series “Ward Aswad”, which was shown in 2019 and co-starred by Salloum Haddad, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Dima Qandalaft, and Fadi Subaih, and the work was written by George Arabji and directed by Samir Hussein.

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