Artist Haitham Shaker announces the results of his examination for Corona virus – Think and Art


Egyptian artist Haitham Shaker announced the results of his examination of the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

Shaker said today, through his personal account on the “Instagram” site: “Praise be to God, after 16 days of isolation, the last stain is negative.”

And he sent a message to his fans and his fans, saying: “Sorry, I couldn’t respond to anyone who tried to reassure me with a letter or a call.”

He added, “We thank you all for your love and attention, and may God heal every patient.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Haitham Shaker participated, during last Ramadan, in the series “Love of My Life”, along with Sahar Al-Sayegh, Muhammad Adel, Menna Fadali, Amani Kamal, and May Al-Qadi, and the series directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad and written by Fida Al-Shandawili.



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