Are players infallible and referees always guilty?


Are players infallible and referees always guilty?

After a referee attacked a player in the English Premier League and accused him of misconduct

Monday – 18 Rajab 1442 AH – March 01, 2021 AD Issue No. [

Referee Drysdale and Ipswich player Alan Judge and quarrels rarely happen (Middle East)

London: Max Rashden

We used to see some players lose their temper and push each other, or get into skirmishes and quarrels with each other during soccer matches, but it is rare and interesting at the same time to see a referee behaving like this. And recently, English referee Darren Drysdale sparked widespread controversy, due to his quarrel with midfielder Alan Judge during the match that brought together Ipswich Town and Norhampton in the first division in England. The headlines focused on what happened in that incident, as Keith Hackett wrote in The Telegraph: “I never expected this kind of behavior from Darren. I have known him for a long time, and I always see that he is calm and in control of his nerves. ”
But the interesting question is: Who would have expected Hackett to carry out such behavior? Was he expecting this to happen from Craig Pawson, for example? And is it only a matter of time before we see Referee Trevor Keitel act like this?
In fact, reactions after this match indicated that what Drysdale had done was bound to happen at some point, given the great pressures and abuse faced by the referees, in addition to that any decision they made is under the microscope and subject to massive analyzes after the end of the matches.
In fact, it is good that this happened during one of the regular matches in the First Division, and not in a match full of charge and tension and returning again and again to the technique of video assistant referee (mouse) in the Premier League!
Drysdale has admitted he made a mistake and will not referee any match this weekend. Many sympathized with this referee, even if the matter was the other way around, and it was the player who attacked the referee; The player certainly wouldn’t have received much sympathy, and he should have been suspended for a long time for this behavior. But anyway, let’s not exaggerate what happened.
But what was really interesting was the amount of sympathy that Drysdale, and the referees in general, have received since then. Many have sent me this snapshot on my Twitter account, but no one has demanded that this referee be removed from the matches forever. Indeed, one Ipswich Town fan expressed his happiness that something interesting happened at Portman Road for the first time in years!
We now have to think about what Drysdale has been through this week. At first, the English referee lost control of his temper and entered into a skirmish with one of the players, then suddenly the whole world started talking about him and about what he had done, and his name became frequent in the columns of the largest international newspapers, at the time In which he is deeply concerned that his arbitration career, which he has been building for many years, may end in a moment, not to mention the difficult conversations that he will hear within the referees committee when investigating what happened!
Certainly, all of these matters put more pressure on him, and therefore we hope that there will be good people around him who will help him overcome this difficult period and help him feel that what happened is not the end of the world, and that he will return to arbitration again after a short period. It should be noted in this regard that it has only been two weeks since Mike Dean decided to withdraw from the arbitration of a match after being subjected to online abuse. But referees may have to cope with these pressures and accept the fact that they are an integral part of the game, and that this can no longer be changed.
And on the “Talk Sport” radio station recently, former England striker Dean Ashton was scathing in his assessment of how we all dealt with the referees. When judging matches for children as young as ten, these are really disgusting insults. We should be totally ashamed of the way our sport treats our judges compared to what happens in other sports. Personally, I feel ashamed of myself because of the way I spoke with the referees. ”
He added: “We cannot say that rugby, for example, is a game of nobles and that the participants in it have grown up in a different way, and that we are from the working class and therefore we are allowed to speak however we want and there is no problem in offending the rulers! It is not at all like this, and it is time for us all to look at ourselves and say this must stop. We must realize that the referee is just a person standing in the middle of the field and doing a very difficult job. ”
As someone who has complained about rulers for many years, I know I have to stop, but I have never really offended any judgment. The comparisons between the game at the amateur and professional level are usually very absurd, as some try to compare what they do in the park and the tremendous pressure, great speed, and the huge money that is found in the game at the elite level. It is true that football is played in both cases, but the situation is completely different. However, it should be noted that there are other very good laws in this regard, in some other games the referee expels the player who offended him for ten minutes, after which he returns to participate in the match again. However, there is great reluctance from those responsible for football to change the rules of the game that has existed for many years. In fact, if we really want to stop decades of offending someone trying to do their job, there are simple solutions, but it looks like we don’t!


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