Apple is seeking a patent to develop cables with a stiffer coating to avoid damage


Apple filed for a patent on the development of cables with a non-perishable jacket; Or in the sense of an outer covering that is not torn, to end the long problem suffered by users of disconnecting the ends of the cables during frequent use.

It can be said that most users of iPhones and non-cable phones suffer from damage to the near side of the port, and this case is not much different from cables in other phones, but Apple’s patent trying to obtain approval for it may end the matter by developing a tougher and resistant to changes to preserve On it without damage thus preserving the inner wire.

This patent, if obtained by Apple and implemented by it, is an important addition to the cable industry, but at the same time it comes at a time when wireless charging technologies have spread to which most people are directed to their latest phones, and the emergence of Xiaomi remote charging technology, which may cancel the idea of ​​charging by wires within a few years. Coming.


Apple Insider


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