Apple develops a helmet mixed reality accurately 8K, but the price raises controversy!



Apple continues to search for the possibility of launching its own helmet dedicated to mixed reality (virtual and augmented reality), especially since this field is considered one of the promising areas in the technical field, and the new news actually confirms this hypothesis, and it seems that the new device expected from Apple will be A technical gem, but the price may not help many to acquire it.

The new and coming news from The Information indicates that Apple is already working on a number of devices that work with mixed reality technology, which confirms that the company’s approach to this field has become a reality, and among the expected devices we find there in particular a helmet for virtual reality, and According to the leaked image, this helmet will be very similar to what is currently available in the market by competitors.


However, the new mixed reality helmet from Apple will know great features, among which is that it will come with a resolution of up to 8K in addition to that it will work independently at the level of functions and also power and does not necessarily need to be linked to the iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple devices, and It is thus one of the strengths of the new device, as the helmet will be equipped with 12 cameras and LiDAR technology.

All these things make the awaited mixed reality helmet for Apple an electronic gem, but the problem that may hinder many people from obtaining it is the high price, as it is expected that its price will reach more than $ 3000, and it seems that the high price is an advantage in keeping with Apple devices. Year.


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