An organized network in Lebanon smuggles drugs inside manageesh bakeries to several countries .. This is how the mastermind was stopped


Issued by the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division Next communication: Within the framework of the work carried out by the Judicial Police Unit in the field of combating crime, especially the pursuit of drug smuggling networks, and after information became available to the Central Narcotics Control Office that one of the organized networks had carried out smuggling operations in previous times inside the kilns of manicures to European countries.

Through diligent monitoring and follow-up operations, and in coordination with the Information Division, one of the most dangerous members of the said network and the mastermind behind it were identified, and it is called: H. (Born in 1969, Syrian).

As a result of monitoring and monitoring operations that lasted for a period of more than a month, it was found that he had deluded a shipping company that he owned a company to manufacture ovens, using a forged ID card of a person called: – J. N. (Born in 1964, Lebanese) and ships these ovens to sell in European countries.

It also became clear that the last smuggling operation he carried out was on 11-20-2020, when the competent French authorities at that time seized about / 465 / kg. From the hashish of kif professionally hidden in two ovens. And arrested those involved on its territory.

After that, the members of the network decided to change the direction of smuggling to the Gulf countries.

On 2-3-2021, and after the availability of confirmed information at the aforementioned office about the presence of a member of this network in the locality of Dora with a furnace containing an amount of hashish, intending to smuggle it to one of these countries, a joint force from the Central Drug Enforcement Bureau and the Special Group applied to him. From setting the oven and arresting two people:

P. H. (Born in 1990, Syrian)

C. a. (Born in 1997, Lebanese)

At the same time, a joint force from the aforementioned office and group raided the house of the mastermind of the network in Al-Bouar locality, where they arrested him, accompanied by the so-called: M. H (Born in 2006, Syrian)

They also raided a warehouse of Al-Shabaka in the locality of Zouk Mosbeh, where they seized / 35 / kg. Of kif hashish prepared for smuggling, in addition to / 27 / kg. Weed in the set oven.

The interrogation of the detainees confessed to having carried out many smuggling operations to France and other European countries.

The investigation is underway under the supervision of the competent judiciary, and work is continuing to arrest the rest of those involved.


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