An expert determines when cities will appear on Mars


The president of the “Mars Society”, engineer Robert Zubrin, said that the presence of people on Mars will be possible by the end of the decade, and the first city with a population of more than a million will appear by the year 2100.

According to the specialist, the founder of “SpaceX”, Elon Musk, plans to start manned flights to Mars The next six years are somewhat doubtful.

“By 2026 or 2028, he will be able to send Starship ships with shipments or robotic missions to Mars and just start the automated construction of the base,” Zubrin said.

In order to send people to the Red Planet in large quantities, a competent and thorough preparation of stations is needed Power generation, And systems to generate fuel from Oxygen And Martian water.

The specialist admitted that the human city will not appear until 2070 and that about a thousand people will be able to visit it, who will create industrial opportunities, according to what is reported by tvzvezda.
“The more people who travel to Mars and are born on Mars, the faster we expand, and we will become a city by 2070, or more than a million cities, or even more, by 2100,” Zubrin added.

NASA’s Mars probe successfully landed on the red planet on February 18, and the device was sent to study the planet’s geology and conduct experiments.


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