An English summit between Chelsea and Manchester United


Manchester City’s entry into a party in the struggle for the Premier League title was not surprising, as it was at the core of this competition in recent years, but its 19 consecutive wins in various competitions, a record for an English team, made it eligible to compete for the quartet this season.City and West Ham will receive the fifth Londoner at the opening of the twenty-sixth stage today, Saturday, hoping to preserve his winning streak and perhaps move away from his neighbor and runner-up Manchester United, who is playing a very difficult match away from home tomorrow, Sunday, against the renewed Chelsea led by his new German coach Thomas Tuchel.
City leads the standings by 10 points ahead of United, and its last loss in the league dates back to mid-December, when it fell to Tottenham, 0-2, to drop to 11th place before gradually recovering its balance.
Manchester City also continued its exemplary journey in the Champions League, as it came back from home by defeating Borussia Monchengladbach with two clean goals to go a long way towards reaching the quarter-finals of the continental competition, which is behind its coronation for the first time in its history. The team also reached the final of the English Professional Clubs Cup, where it will meet Tottenham Hotspur on April 28th.
City winger Bernardo Silva expressed his team’s ambition this season to achieve a quartet, saying: “We have momentum at the moment. We are still fighting on four fronts and we want to win every tournament we are in. The season will be difficult, but we will do our best to achieve that.”
Manchester United is facing a difficult test when it is a guest to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London in a match in which the former has no alternative to victory if he wants to keep a glimmer of hope in winning his first title in the domestic league since 2013 when his legendary Scottish coach Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

City West Ham welcomes the fifth Londoner at the opening of the 26th stage

The Red Devils have not lost a match outside their bases since their fall to Liverpool in January 2020 and have played 19 games since that date.
On the other hand, Chelsea have achieved 6 wins compared to two draws out of the 8 matches they have played so far under the supervision of Tuchel, who took over the task after Frank Lampard, to elevate the team to fifth place now.
The London club won a precious 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid, and is now a candidate for reaching the Champions League quarter-finals.
Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford said that his team has become a force to be reckoned with this season and said: “I think we are a team that is constantly developing, and we learn lessons in every game.”
“We have to focus on ourselves and this is what will make us win the matches,” he added.
Manchester United reached the final eighth round of the European League, which was crowned in 2017 at the expense of Real Sociedad of Spain, after resolving the confrontation with a score of 4-0 in aggregate.
French midfielder Paul Pogba will continue to be absent from his team after Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that the world champion needs a few more weeks to recover from a muscle injury.
On the other hand, veteran French striker Olivier Giroud (34 years) scored points for the starting point against United after he scored a very impressive goal against Atletico Madrid from a wonderful scissor kick that gave his team the victory.
The third Leicester City match and Arsenal atheist eleventh tomorrow, as the former will try to shake off the dust of his disappointing exit against Slavia Prague in the European League by falling at home 0-2.
Leicester, the 2016 Premier League champions, will count on veteran goalscorer Jamie Vardy, while winger James Madison may miss him due to injury.
The injured Liverpool is seeking to return to the winning streak from the gate of bottom club Sheffield United on Sunday, after it suffered four consecutive defeats in the league, the last of which was against neighbor and rivals Everton 2-0, who achieved his first victory at Anfield in the league 22 years ago.
It was also the fourth loss for Liverpool at home in the domestic league since 1923.
Liverpool may play the match in the absence of its Brazilian goalkeeper Alison due to the death of his father on Wednesday.
And meet Tottenham ninth with Burnley and Leeds United with Aston Villa.

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