An employee seizes fees for renewing health insurance cards for Weaver company abroad – UAE – Accidents and cases


An insurance company filed a lawsuit, demanding that a former employee be obligated to pay her an amount of 99,730 dirhams with a late interest of 12% from the date of the claim, until full payment, and obligating him to pay fees, expenses and attorneys’ fees.

The company clarified that the defendant used to work for it as an employee in the customer service department, and he was responsible for renewing the health insurance cards for clients, and he seized an amount of 46 thousand and 700 dirhams for himself and did not deposit it in the company’s account, and he released the criminal case from him, in which the charge of embezzlement and treason The civil case was referred to the court.

The company explained that the accounting experience report proved that the amounts of violations received according to official notices are 147 thousand and 400 dirhams, while the amounts that were supplied to the financial affairs department were the amount of 82 thousand and 700 dirhams, so that the difference between what he supplied and what he received was an amount of 64 thousand and 700 dirhams. .

She indicated that she had demanded the sum seized in addition to compensation for the expenses incurred by the company and the pursuit of its rights in return for translation fees and expenses, and court fees in the amount of 35 thousand and 30 dirhams.

During the consideration of the case, it was found that an official statement was received that the defendant is outside the state and that his residency is canceled, while the court affirmed that the articles of the Civil Transactions Law stipulate that no one is justified to take someone else’s money without a legitimate reason, and if he takes it, he must return it. Noting that the court has proven to convict the defendant in the criminal judgment, to imprisonment for a period of one month, to oblige him to pay the expenses, and in the civil case to accept it in form and in the matter by referring the civil case to the competent court.

The court ruled to oblige the defendant to pay the company an amount of 64 thousand, and the legal interest at 4% annually, from the date of the judicial claim until the completion of payment, and obligate him to compensate the plaintiff with an amount of 5 thousand dirhams, for all material and moral damages and obligate him to fees and expenses.



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