An air depression tomorrow, Tuesday, turns into a storm at night, and the weather is raining heavily and snowing at medium altitudes – Al-Manar Channel Website – Lebanon


The Meteorological Department of the Civil Aviation Administration expected the weather today, Monday, to be partly cloudy to cloudy with medium and high clouds, without any significant modification in the temperatures in the coastal areas and their decrease in the mountainous and inland areas, with fog on the heights and light rain In the northern regions.

General case: Stable weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean until tomorrow morning, as Lebanon is gradually affected by the cold air depression Joyce, which turns into a storm on Wednesday and brings with it heavy rains and snow in the medium and low elevations and below 600 meters in the north of the country, and the effect of JOYCE continues until the end The week will leave behind frosts as of Thursday morning.
Lebanon weather forecast:
-Tuesday: In general, cloudy with the start of the noticeable and rapid decrease in temperature starting at noon, when the winds intensify to close to 70 km / hr, and the sea waves rise with it, and the rain falls and intensifies at night, accompanied by thunderstorms and torrents form, especially in the northern and interior regions. From soil erosion. Also, grains of hail and snow fall at an altitude of 1200 meters and below in the northern and interior regions, with the possibility of the appearance of dust in the air as a result of the deepening of the cold mass in northern Libya and Egypt.
-Wednesday: Cloudy in general, with an additional and noticeable decrease in temperatures, especially in the mountainous and inland areas, and strong winds of approximately 85 km / hr. The sea waves rise with them, and the heavy rains fall sometimes, accompanied by thunderstorms. Also, grains of hail and snow fall at an altitude of 1000 meters, and the level of precipitation falls in the northern and interior regions to touch 700 meters.
-Thursday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with an additional drop in temperatures, and rain in the morning period intensifies at times and is accompanied by thunderstorms, as snow falls at an altitude of 900 meters, and its precipitation falls in the northern and interior regions to the limits of 600 meters in the morning. The rains subside gradually, starting in the afternoon, when waves of frost descend as a result of cold air masses, and ice forms on mountain roads, and slides are warned on those roads.
Expected temperature ranges: On the coast from 13 to 21 degrees, over the mountains from 4 to 15 degrees, in the interior from 4 to 15 degrees.

Surface wind: Active southwest, sometimes at speeds between 15 and 35 km / h.

Diffusion Good overall, worsens due to fog on the heights.

Relative humidity on the coast: Between 55 and 75%.

Sea: Low wave.

Water surface temperature: 20 degrees.

– Atmospheric pressure: 763 mm Hg.

Source: SMD


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