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The director of Rafic Hariri Hospital, Firas Al-Abyad, indicated that there are three main challenges that occupy the priority of health care in the coming weeks.

The director of Rafic Hariri Hospital, Firas Al-Abyad noted, “There are three main challenges that occupy the priority of health care in the coming weeks:

1. Reducing the closure without causing an increase in the number of corona cases.

2. Putting the vaccine deployment back on track.

3. Preserving the possibility of providing healthcare to patients at an affordable cost despite the dwindling support.

In a series of tweets he had on his Twitter account, Al-Abyad said: “The high rate of positive tests indicates an active spread of corona in the community. A study conducted by the Lebanese American University showed that the majority of residents in Lebanon do not have immunity. It is certain that the shops will open on Monday.” Help… What is worse, the consequences of extending the lockdown or the consequences of the expected increase in Corona cases?

He explained, “The plan is to implement better safety measures in stores and at the community level, to encourage staying at home through the platform, and to increase the number of checks. However, it is difficult to know why the public will change their behavior in the absence of a good awareness campaign explaining the plan to them, and their role.” About it, and the consequences of its failure. “

Al-Abyad also pointed out that, “Despite the good start and initial momentum, the vaccine deployment campaign deviated from its course due to technical gaps, wrong distribution options, and a lack of communication with citizens and an explanation of what is wrong and remedial. However, it is clear and good, that there is a demand. Years after the vaccine. “

He added, “We did not lose everything, but to restore the public’s confidence, a good start is to admit mistakes and adopt a more transparent process. The vaccine remains the best hope for an exit from the Corona crisis, and there is more on the way, and data show that the vaccine saves lives. But it must be done.” Our performance should be better. “

He recalled that “hospitals are suffering. The high prices of many medical supplies or others such as oxygen and sterilization materials have led to a significant increase in costs. In addition, the escalating talk about rationalizing or reducing subsidies for medicines and medical supplies has led suppliers to switch to cash transactions,” he said. Overtaxes hospitals. “

He continued, “At the same time, the citizen suffers. The rates approved by the guarantors for hospitalization have not changed, but many hospitals find themselves facing two options, either demanding additional, illegal payments from patients’ pockets or facing financial ruin, while the average value continues.” Per capita income is falling rapidly. “

“Any one of the aforementioned challenges could constitute a major test for any health care system. The meeting of the three together means that it is a formidable test. Even with the best administrations, finding a solution will not be easy. Help, when offered by whoever was, should be,” Al-Abyad added. Appreciated, not mocked. “


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