Amr Diab celebrates Valentine’s Day in his own way


The superstar Amr Diab is about to finish filming the advertisement for his new fragrance, to the rhythms of his song “I am with you”.

The plateau had filmed scenes from the advertisement for a day in Abu Dhabi and two days in Dubai with the great director Tariq Al-Aryan and director of photography Mazen the roaming.

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Four models of different nationalities will appear with Amr Diab, including Egyptian, two Lebanese and one Russian.

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab will release his perfume during the coming period in a big ceremony that will be held in Dubai.

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The song “Wana Ma3ak” was written by Khaled Taj El-Din, composed by Khaled Ezz, distributed by Adel Hakki, and it was included in the album “Ya Ana Ya La”.

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