American rock singer Alice Cooper shows | Al Anbaa Newspaper


American rock singer Alice Cooper has expressed an interest in returning to the concerts that have been paused during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I have been off for a year and spend much more time with my four grandchildren,” the 73-year-old veteran musician said in an interview with German News Agency (DPA).

He added, “They all live in Arizona and I see them all the time, but I am used to touring for at least seven or eight months.”

Cooper, who is due to release a new album entitled “Detroit Stories” on February 26 after more than five decades in the field, hopes that the vaccine offering will allow him to return soon to resume touring concerts.

He added, “I think that with the advent of vaccines, there may be an opportunity.”

“The times we’re living now are more shocking than anything I could ever do,” said Cooper.


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