AMD seeks to develop a smart processor to outperform Intel


Computers that use the new AMD Zen4 processors may become 40% faster than the current processors, which may concern Intel, as AMD intends to launch its new processors called Zen4, designed for EPYC and Ryzen computers, which is expected to increase the performance Computers up to 40% of the current computers that use Zen3.

These processors are expected to launch sometime in 2022, as the AMD Zen4 core architecture will be built on only a 5nm processor node, which is rumored to offer 5GHz speeds on all cores in what appears to be a “PC monster.” .

AMD had managed to outperform Intel by switching Zen2 processors to a 7nm processing node, which prompted Intel to admit that it will not catch up with AMD until 2021. Now, with Zen4 preparing to use the next generation, AMD could jump at rates it will not be able to. Intel to catch up.

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