Amal Movement: The oil spill is part of the aggression against Lebanon


The world – Lebanon

After its periodic meeting headed by President Nabih Berri, the movement warned of “the catastrophic and dangerous repercussions on the Lebanese coast extending from Naqoura Al-Bayada through the Tire and Abbasid Nature Reserve and Abu Al-Aswad and the freshwater wells off the coast of Al-Qasimia, and up to Beirut, due to the oil spill and massive quantities of tar from an oil tanker. Of the Israeli occupation authorities anchored off the coast of occupied Palestine.

The statement said, “The Presidency of the Amal Movement condemns this Zionist environmental massacre and considers it part of the Israeli aggressive context that is persistent against Lebanon, stones, people, sovereignty and wealth.”

The movement also called on “the Lebanese competent ministries to take urgent and immediate action on various levels to reduce the health and environmental risks that these materials may cause to fish and animal wealth in the sea and to the health and safety of the residents along the southern coast from Naqoura to Beirut if they are mixed with sand.”

The statement urged “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expedite the submission of an urgent complaint to the UN Security Council and before the courts and specialized international organizations to put the international community before its responsibilities to move and hold the Israeli entity all the consequences resulting from this massacre, especially at the legal and financial levels.”


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