Algerian Obeid reveals the details of his move to Al-Nasr


The Algerian international soccer player, Mehdi Obeid, player of the Al-Nasr team, revealed that he had consulted with a number of his friends who were in Dubai before joining the ranks of the “Brigadier”.

The player explained that all those he consulted encouraged him to complete this step, assuring him that Al-Nasr is a great club and has all the ingredients for success and glory.

In statements to “Al-Ruya” newspaper, Obaid confirmed that he did not come to Dubai for a picnic or tourism, but rather came to achieve titles in his new football career and to help the team compete for tournaments, especially the Arab Gulf League.

He explained: “I know that the competition here is different from Europe and France in particular, and the matter requires the need to harmonize quickly with the new team, especially since it is my first experience in the Arab Gulf League, and everyone here is friendly with me and trying to help me get to know everything around me, I think that things are going naturally.” “.

Obaid indicated that he is very familiar with the UAE and Dubai in particular, as he is keen to visit her regularly every winter.

He said: “I have many friends here, and as soon as I arrived and joined the team, I felt a positive atmosphere with my teammates. They are all great. They gave me confidence quickly. The atmosphere inside the dressing room is encouraging and understanding, and the players have a determination to fight in every match. I think we are able to achieve an achievement by the end.” season”.

Obeid admitted that he did not expect to leave Nantes, France at this time, as evidenced by that he was in Dubai one month before his move, and he did not imagine that he would return to it so quickly to reside and settle there.

He added: “The coach of Nantes at the time, Raymond Dominic, did not want me to leave. The club’s management and the coaching staff were against this step, but I was insisting on it, so they only agreed to my request and I came to Dubai already and completed my move to the Brigadier Castle.”

Obeid believes that the chance of victory in the competition for the league is still strong, and he said: “The difference with the leader is not great, and everything in football is possible, and before my presence I was keen to get to know the competing teams in the competition, and I think that the levels are very close.” There are a large number of matches remaining in the competition, and we are still competing in the two cups, hopes are based on achieving the achievements of this season. ”

Obeid, 28, joined Al-Nassr before the closing of the final winter transfer window, coming from Nantes for a season and a half, and he was replaced by the Uzbek player, Dostunbek Khamdamov.

Abeid previously played for Panathinaikos, Greece, Newcastle, France, Dijon, and Nantes, who was associated with him with a contract until June 2022, and he was crowned with the Algerian national team, the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.


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