Al-Tabash tweets about the severe rationing of electricity … and the gardener responds


MP Rola Al-Tabash said in a tweet on her account on Twitter that “the severe rationing of electricity in the capital, Beirut, as in all Lebanese regions, can only be placed in the category of the mafia that controls people’s necks.”And she added, “More than a decade has passed since the orange people took over the Ministry of Energy, with an intentional disruption of any reform process for the EDL or the sector as a whole, and the result: Dahab gutter for the mafia, and a basement for oppression of people!”

She went to “those responsible for the darkness in our homes,” by saying: “Leave, otherwise your fate is a dark dungeon, so beware!”

For her part, former Minister Nada Al-Bustani responded in a tweet on her account on Twitter to the MP Al-Tabash by saying: “Your happiness first, I wish to remind the people of Beirut who decided to install Lebanon’s electricity tariff in the year 94. What mafia was this decision. “

And she continued, “Secondly, the only FPM ministers laid down a plan to reform the sector and fight the mafias, and even if the political agony was to be reformed with electricity, all of Lebanon waved, and this is according to the recognition of your party leader.”

She concluded: “Next, slanders, threats, and political agony are only useful to the mafias who are talking about me, and I encourage you to ask us for a criminal audit so that we know who is benefiting from the non-implementation of the electricity plan.”


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