“Al-Qurashi” launches a satirical tweet due to the suspension of “Hussein Abdul-Ghani”


Sports Observatory: Sports journalist “Sami Al-Qurashi” launched a satirical tweet because of Hussein Abdul-Ghani’s suspension and not stopping the youth player Seba, in the famous “racism” case between Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab clubs.

And “Al-Qurashi” published a tweet on his Twitter page, in which he said: “A radio dialogue about a novel between Briman and the South Hall.”

He continued: “The caller: Why was Hussein arrested and not Siba?
Announcer: How to stop a player who has not proven anything against him
Caller: You are right, but Hussein has not proven anything against him either
Announcer: Alligtkhnnttzzadby, you are the best goal of the round
Russian novelist Arif Faslouf


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