Al-Nasr Club news: In numbers … the best and worst Al-Nassr players versus Abha


Al-Nasr – Saudi League

Saudi 360 – Al-Nasr snatched a 2/2 draw against Abha during the match that brought the two teams together today, Sunday, in the twenty-first round of the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Cup League championship.

Al-Nasr raised his score to point 29 in the seventh place in the professional league table, while Abha raised his score to point 25 in the fourteenth place.

The match witnessed a great obsession on the part of Al-Nassr, amid a retreat from Abha, who preferred to play over counter-attacks.

The Brazilian professional, Petros, got the highest rating in the victory team with a score of 7.5 / 10, and the players ’rating came as follows: –

Brad Jones 5.5

Al-Ghanam 6.9 – Al-Omari 6.4 – Mado 5.9 – Ubaid 6.9.

Al-Hassan 7.3 – Al-Sulayhim 7.5 – Petros 7.6.

Martinez 7.5 – Amrabat 7.0 – Raed Al Ghamdi 6.8

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