Al Ain files a complaint for the kidnapping of Al Hilal points despite the five-year loss


Based on the FIFA regulations

Al-Ain club is considering filing a complaint against its counterpart Al-Hilal, in order to obtain the three points from the match that took place between the two parties, this evening, Tuesday, due to the participation of the newcomer Abdullah Al-Hamdan, despite the loss of the people of Al-Baha by five clean.

French Pavitimbi Gomez led the Al Hilal team to teach its host Al Ain a harsh lesson in the arts of football, by winning a landslide five-year without response in the match that took place between them at the King Saud Sports City Stadium, for the postponed signing of the 16th round of the Saudi Professional League.

A responsible source inside Al-Ain revealed, according to “Kwoura” website, a short while ago, that the club’s management is currently working on filing a complaint against Blue Riyadh, due to Hamdan’s participation in the match, which violates FIFA regulations.

The source indicated that the FIFA regulations prohibit the player’s participation with two different teams in one round; Al-Hamdan participated with the youth team against Abha, and today he played in the colors of the Crescent for the same round.

The source stressed that FIFA should prevent this matter, and Al Ain Club has the right to file a complaint according to the laws after reviewing the regulations well, which enhances the team’s chances of getting the three points, despite the big loss.

The Romanian coach, Razvan Lucescu, joined the newcomer Abdullah Al-Hamdan for the first time in the Al-Hilal shirt in the 85th minute of the Al-Ain match, instead of the man of the match, Gomez. Where the most promising striker would sign the first goal with Blue Al Riyadh in wasted time, in the ball for the fifth goal.

Al-Hamdan joined the ranks of Al-Hilal, in the current winter transfer market, coming from Riyadh, after the leader succeeded in reaching an agreement with the Al-Liouth administration to buy the remaining period in the young striker’s contract, which was scheduled to expire in the summer of 2021.

Al-Hamdan defended Al-Shabab’s colors in the leaders’ match against Abha, for the 16th round of the Professional League, on January 30, which ended with a three-goal win for Al-Leoth, a round that Al-Hilal missed due to the association with the Saudi Super Cup match, which he lost to Al-Nasr.

And the expert on football regulations, Ahmed Al-Amir, revealed the eligibility of Al-Hamdan’s participation with two different teams, Al-Shabab and Al-Hilal, in one round, explaining: “By order and according to the provisions of the professionalism and competitions regulations and the league competition regulations; There is no direct text preventing the player from participating. ”

The prince stressed, through his personal account on the Twitter site, “but according to FIFA’s instructions, the fairness of competition must be taken into account in every transfer of this kind, and therefore it is assumed that the player does not participate in the same round.”

Blue Riyadh raised the points tally to 33 points in second place on the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Professionals Cup League ranking, only two points behind the leaders, Al-Shabab, while Al-Ain’s position at the bottom of the standings worsened, after the point counter froze at number 13.

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