Akhbar al-Youm Morocco receives 5.2 million doses of “AstraZeneca” and “Coronavac”


The Moroccan newspaper, Media 24, said that Rabat is preparing to receive 5.2 million doses of anti-Coronavirus vaccines, including 4.5 million doses of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and 700 thousand of the “Coronavac” vaccine.

The newspaper expects the arrival of this additional quantity of vaccines initially by the end of this week, which will enable Morocco to vaccinate 2.6 million people. Previously, Rabat had received 2 million doses of the British Indian “AstraZeneca” vaccine and 500 thousand of the Chinese “Coronavac” vaccine, which would allow to meet the vaccination needs of 1.25 million people in the country.

As of last Thursday evening, 350,000 people in Morocco had received their first dose of anti-corona vaccines.

“Media 24” newspaper considered that India has the ability to fulfill its obligations, regarding the vaccine, towards Morocco, given the announcement of New Delhi last Wednesday, according to the Indian newspaper “The Wire”, that its stocks provide 55 million doses of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine.

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