Aida Sabra makes a grave mistake against Karen Rizkallah and the latter responds with force


A number of activists on social media have returned to the circulation of a scene from a series of actress and writer Karen Rizkallah, and some of them criticized a dialogue that came in it.

As for the shock, the actress Aida Sabra’s tweet, who wrote in the comments box: “If the writer is more foolish, the director Douro elevates him to a degree”, which angered Rizkallah because she is the writer of the work. The latter responded through her account by saying: “Hey, you are yourself, Aida. Would you have been with me? You yourself were searching for words when you told me? Hey, are you yourself ???? Trigger what is honest! I am saying someone took cellulerc and wrote about you! Change this by being the most important actress in the world.

And she continued in another tweet: “There are people who talk about advancement and advise about it, and she is not able to write criticism without blame !!! I wish every person is in the dark before answering people’s biography! ”

Will Sabra correct the situation in which she was placed, especially since she has not yet responded to the tweets of her colleague and the comments of the audience who criticized her inappropriate response as he described it?


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