Ahmed Al-Fishawi to Muhammad Ramadan: The war has begun and let your audience curse me .. Video | news


With the release of the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, his latest clip, “Number 2,” everyone began to await the response of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to this song, especially after the controversial statements issued by the two parties recently.

“The war has begun,” Al-Fishawi said, while filming his song “Number 2”, in statements to the “ET Arabic” program.

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The song’s producer, Amr Hassan, said: “I relied on presenting the work in a somewhat real spirit, no matter what the content I provide, the most important for me is honesty and truth.”

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As for rapper Mister Cordy, he confirmed that he agrees with Al-Fishawi’s view that there is no “number 1″, and certainly this will cause a problem because of criticism, and this star has a response, and I hope that he accepts this idea. ”

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