Ahmed Al-Fishawi fulfills his promise and challenges Muhammad Ramadan: “The war has begun” (video)


As soon as the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi released his latest clip “Number 2”, everyone began to await the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s response to this song, especially after the controversial statements issued by the two parties recently..

And in an interview with him with the program “AND In Arabic, “while filming his song” Number 2 “, Al-Fishawi said:” The war has begun, and I hope to publish works that please and entertain you, and if that does not happen, insult me ​​on Instagram as usual. ““.

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The song’s producer, Amr Hassan, said: “I relied on presenting the work in a somewhat real spirit, regardless of the content I present, the most important to me is honesty and truth.”

As for the rapper, Mr. Cordy, he confirmed that he agrees with Al-Fishawi’s view that there is no “number 1”, and certainly this will cause a problem because of criticism, and this star has a response, and I hope that he accepts this idea. “

On the other hand, the Musicians Syndicate had issued an ultimatum to El-Feshawi, after the festivals singer Hamo Beka appeared in the promotional promo for the clip, and the union asked him to remove the scenes from his new song because he is not registered in any artistic union.

But after the clip was released, everyone was surprised by the appearance of Hamo Beka as a model in the song, accompanied by a Kurdish rapper and a large number of dancers, to strike Al-Feshawi with his union’s warning exposed to the wall, prompting the union to look to take action against him after this matter.


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