Ahmed Al-Fishawi after the presentation of “Number 2”: The war has begun … and he challenges Hani Shaker’s decision (video)


The Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy led the audience’s talk after releasing his anticipated song “Number 2”, in which he mocked his colleague Mohamed Ramadan.

Al-Fishawi says in his rap song: “Another people want him, numbers, praise be to God, they say that I am different, and in this we disagree. It was necessary to hurry him. ”

Al-Fishawi added in the song attacking Muhammad Ramadan: “The one who walks in light loses the time of the hoe, and the tuk-tuk will not separate from the“ Ferrari ”car in Calcase.

In statements to the “ET Arabic” program, he also sent a message to Ramadan, saying: “The war has begun, and I hope to publish works that please and entertain you, and if this does not happen, insult me ​​on Instagram as usual.”

Ahmed al-Fishawi thanked his late father, artist Farouk al-Fishawi, and his mother, Sumaya al-Alfi, as well as the comedian, Samir Ghanem.

For his part, Muhammad Ramadan responded to Al-Fishawi, with a video clip on “Instagram”, in which he appeared accompanied by two girls standing behind him, accompanied by a clip from one of his songs in which he said: “I worked with you, Shaw.

A verbal altercation took place between Ahmed Al-Fishawi and Muhammad Ramadan during the last period, through various electronic platforms, against the background of “Number 1 ″ and“ Number 2, as each responded in his own way to the idea of ​​the title.

In the meantime, Al-Fishawi did not care about the warnings of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, headed by the artist, Hani Shaker, to present the video clip for the song, with the participation of festivals singer Hamo Beka.

Earlier, the Syndicate of Musical Professions called on Al-Fishawi to delete the scenes of Becca from his new song “Number 2” because he is not registered in any artistic union, and if it is presented in this part, he will be prosecuted.

But Al-Fishawi kept the clip within the song, which the audience considered a challenge to the union’s decision, and Hani Shaker in particular, and they called for the latter to take legal measures against him, jealous of the stars who were held accountable recently.


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