Ahmadinejad criticizes Iranian foreign policies and comments on the Syrian crisis and Hezbollah’s involvement in it


Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized, in an exclusive interview with colleague Nancy Al-Sabe ‘, the “new” Iranian foreign policies, saying: I think that we must define a new foreign policy, especially in the Middle East and the Gulf region because we can have friendly relations there, “referring to The Iranian people “bear great pressure.”Ahmadinejad asked whether the US or other nuclear bomb of the Soviet Union had solved their problems, saying: “Human society has developed and all weapons of mass destruction must be removed,” considering that the major countries “are trying to make money through the arms market,” denouncing: “How long will wealth remain People go for a group that loves power and seeks power?

Ahmadinejad affirmed that “everyone who has a nuclear bomb must remove it and use nuclear energy in scientific matters, pointing out that his message to the Saudi crown prince came in this context:” I wrote my message to Muhammad bin Salman and others equally and called them to peace, Yemen and Saudi Arabia must live in peace. “.
Ahmadinejad considered that “wars are affected by foreign interference that is greedy for oil wealth, and we must all stop these wars and live in peace.”

On the Palestinian issue, Ahmadinejad said: “It must be resolved inside the Palestinian territories and let the Palestinian people decide their own fate.”
In response to a question about the possibility of an Iranian-Israeli dialogue, he said: “Let the Palestinian people obtain their rights first, and then all the situations in the region will change.”

Ahmadinejad opposed the bombing of Saudi Arabia, noting that he “opposes bombing and anyone who destroys or causes damage and losses in the region.”
He added: The US lobby behind the curtain did not allow Obama to change when the opportunity was right and the opportunity did not allow Trump to do so either.

Ahmadinejad to the “New”: The rivalries between Iran and America and other countries will not reach a conclusion. The conflicting countries must leave the peoples the right to self-determination without anyone interfering with that.

Regarding his message to Putin, Ahmadinejad said: “I sent a letter to Putin when he changed the constitution and sent it to him in a fraternal manner, and it was not violent. I recommend Mr. Putin again that he respect the opinion of the Russian people.”

Regarding the situation in Lebanon and Syria, and in response to a question about what happened in 2012, he said: “The opinion of the people must always be heard, and the opinion of the people above all considerations, and I must not interfere with the rights of the people and the decisions of the Syrian people.”
He added, “I hope that the Lebanese government will be formed quickly and as the Lebanese people are a younger brother, I tell them and the political figures to run the country in harmony and to all participate in its administration.”
He continued, “Lebanon is besieged and there are those who are waiting to drown in order to attack it. I was checking with the late Saudi king that the great powers do not like us and do not want our interest.”

Regarding Koruna, Ahmadinejad said: “Corona was developed in laboratories and threatens humanity and the Iranian people consider that the management of the crisis was not in a proper way.”

Ahmadinejad concluded: “We were in circumstances in which we wanted to defend the Iranian people, but with age, the person becomes more mature and approaches matters more rationally.”


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