Ahlam’s video continues to surprise her audience … for Jane Omran, she appears as an actress in her clip “I Asked But You”


The Emirati star dreams recently released the song “What I Asked Only You” as part of the songs of her album “Fadwa Oyounak”, on her YouTube channel, where she filmed it in a video clip, and the work included a new surprise among the surprises that accompanied the album of the Emirati star.

Loujain Omran “Actress” in Ahlam’s new video

Ahlam surprised her fans with the appearance of her Saudi media friend Loujain Omran with her as an actress in the clip of her new song “I only asked you.” .

The fans of each of the two stars expressed their happiness at appearing together in one clip, and the song won the admiration of Ahlam’s fans, and achieved remarkable success in the footsteps of the rest of her album’s songs, and the clip’s team at the end thanked the journalist Jane Omran for sharing Ahlam in the clip of her new song.

Loujain Omran celebrates dreams

Before the song was released, Ahlam and Jane Omran had promoted the song through their Instagram accounts, and Jane congratulated her on the success of her album and published their photos together from the scenes and wrote: “We have only come back to present the best, the most beautiful and the finest always. One year or more, I am proud of your successes and accomplishments .. and happy to share with you the taste of success .. because the taste of success with you has a different flavor .. you said it once a friend of success .. and every time we meet .. I understand your purpose more and live it from the heart .. God does not change us O Assila, except for the best … Oh God, Amen … I love you. ”

It is known that Ahlam’s new album includes 24 songs, including “Oyouni Bs”, “Sad”, “Whirlwind”, “Oh Adam Hass,” “Notebook and Eraser”, “May God have mercy on him”, “The sun rises and sets”, “Tears of Blue” , “A declared secret,” “the difference,” “my mind is upset,” “a son of dirt,” and “I only asked against you,” “so you can turn your eyes”

Information about the new Ahlam album 2021

Ahlam collaborated with a number of prominent poets, including: Prince poet Khaled Al-Faisal, Prince poet Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, Prince poet Saud bin Abdullah, Prince poet Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, along with Musaed Al-Rashidi, Nayef Saqr, Abdullah Bu Ras, and others.

Ahlam occupied Twitter with the beginning of February 2021 after launching her new album “Fadwa Ayounak”, especially because of the surprises of her successive album, including filming the album’s songs in special clips. Ahlam launched the entire album on the “Fun Box” application in cooperation with “Rotana” company, and celebrated with Her fans and colleagues in the stages of launching the album’s songs, and topped Twitter after publishing pictures and clips of the album’s songs clips, which the audience considered the most prominent surprise in the album, and they liked the way the songs were presented and publicized.


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