Agnelli by Conte: Shut up, fool, the last responds: Referee four testifies, and I demand respect


Backstage of what happened between Antonio Conte and Andrea Agnelli during the Juventus-Inter match

Inter coach Antonio Conte responded to Juventus president Andrea Agnelli bypassing him during the match between the old lady and Nerazzurri in the Italian Cup semi-finals.

A goalless draw overshadowed the second leg of the semi-final round of the Coppa Italia between Juventus and Inter in a match that was held this evening, Tuesday, at the Allianz Stadium.

Thus Juventus qualified for the final match and Conte failed to repeat the victory over Juventus as he did in the domestic league and return from losing the first leg to lose his second title and fail to achieve the club’s first championship since 2011, leaving only the league.

The crowd caught Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who was present with the administrators of the old lady in the stands, uttering the words “Shut up you idiot” in response to the objections of Antonio Conte.

On that, the coach of Nerazzurri said: “What happened at the end of the match? I have no desire and no need to comment on anything that happened, I think that in everything there must be respect and enough.”

He added, “In 180 minutes, we saw two teams fighting to the end. We paid for some mistakes that were made in the first leg. We tried to reverse the result, but we did not succeed. In that, we will learn from the mistakes.”

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It is noteworthy that the departure of Antonio Conte from Juventus in 2014 after a dispute with the management of Andrea Agnelli created a barrier between the Italian coach and everyone in the old lady, which increased after he took over at Inter.


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