Age is just a number, and no female artist can embody the story of my life


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow-up on Tjard: Actress Nadia Al-Jundi confirmed that she has received many engagement offers so far, but she does not think about marriage at all at the present time, indicating that she is currently married to art only, and revealed the secret of her distinguished relationship with her ex-husband Muhammad Mukhtar after the separation, and she completely denied that the character of the mighty woman who She embodied her through her artworks, expressing her personality in reality.

Al-Jundi added during her hosting of the Abla Fajita program: I don’t think about the passport. All my thinking is about my art and my work, I’m living for art.

And about her relationship with Muhammad Mukhtar after their divorce, she said: It is assumed that any two separate from each other remains in it, between them, there remains in it, and there is an origin between them because there are ten and beautiful memories.

She added: Between me and Mukhtar is the best films I have ever made in the history of the Egyptian film industry.

And she continued: It is not, but Josie was the partner of my success, a long journey of struggle that we have lived together, something that is not easily forgotten by anyone.

And she continued, saying: And the six who cursed at her free after their separation remain, I do not have an origin because there are ten beautiful memories among them that will not be forgotten.

Nadia Al-Jundi revealed the secret of her grace, and constantly appearing in the best view, on various occasions, and her interaction with the audience on social media in various pictures.

The soldier said: Play sport I wake up and maintain my look and do not want to be … this is in order to maintain my fitness … and sacrifice and are deprived of many needs, such as sweets and gateaux, in order to remain graceful.

Nadia Al-Jundi admitted that the character of the strong and arrogant woman appears in the movies only, and she said: The tyranny of my love appears in the movies, but the name of the one that I love is “Nouna”, and I was born on March 24, and the age for Leah is just a number in the paper, and about the size of her shoe she said: the size of my shoe 40 And I don’t love to borrow, nor do I borrow, assert.

Nadia Al-Jundi added, during her meeting with Caro: “No one can do the story of my life other than self-confidence, not arrogance. About the festivals song you love most, she said, I love the song“ Girl of the Neighbors ”and even I heard it while in Paris, foreigners sing it.


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