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After the great success of the Saudi Equestrian Race, the Kingdom is preparing to host another major sporting event represented by the Formula E races on February 26 and 27, at the Diriyah Circuit, for the third year in a row, which will witness the holding of its competitions “at night” by lighting the race track with technology. (LED) with low consumption, for the first time in the history of the major international race since its inception, as the current version of the race at the Diriyah Circuit, organized by the Ministry of Sports in cooperation with the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, witnesses the participation of 24 competitors of the most prominent stars of the game, aspiring to achieve results Distinguished by the anticipated feverish competition in the historic areas of Dir’iya.- De Grassi

German Audi Sport Apt Scheffler confirmed that the 2016-2017 Formula E champion, German De Grassi and René, will lead their team in the seventh edition in which the Kingdom is hosting one of its stages. He had completed 69 races and obtained 796 points and 32 trips on the podium that included his victory. In the race (10) times during the history of his previous participation, which spanned for six seasons.

– Jake and Maximilian

BMW chose Andretti Motorsport junior driver Jake Dennis to be the partner of Maximilian Gunther in the seventh edition of the race, after they showed great harmony in the selection sessions, and Dennis drew attention in the world of motorsport when he achieved the best result for «Aston Martin» in the 2019 DTM Championship As for Gunther became the youngest Formula One winner, with only his third participation, when he lifted the title in Santiago, Chile.

– Japan champion

British company Infigen Virgin Racing announced that Nick Cassidy will compete in the seventh season alongside Robin Friens, and Cassidy had crowned the Triple Crown of motorsport in his country, at the age of only 25 years. He is considered one of the most promising talents in motorsports, winning the Japanese Super GT, Formula 3 and Super Formula titles, while Robin Friens is preparing for his third season with Invision Virgin Racing, as he finished the sixth season at the highest level in Berlin with four rounds in Forerunner (Super Pole).

– Camara and Muller

The American Dragon Penske Autosport team relied on the duo Sergio Camara and Niko Muller in the next stage of the race hosted by Al Diriyah, and there is the Brazilian Sergio Set Camara, known for driving single-seat racing cars with the team in the current season 2020/21, after an impressive performance in the Marrakech Test For beginners, after his alternative driving at the end of the six races in Berlin, as for Niko Muller, he made the first full-time driving in the all-electric street racing series in the 2019/20 season, as the Swiss continues with Dragon Penske Autosport for the first participation with the new name.

– Felix expert

After winning the drivers and teams title at the end of the wonderful sixth season, the DS Chetah team is looking forward to proving its strength again in Formula E in the current version, and this comes with the return of the hero Antonio Felix da Costa alongside the double champion Jean-Eric Virgen, and the champion is Antonio Felix. Da Costa is one of the most experienced Formula E drivers, especially since he has completed six seasons of fully electric single-seat racing cars, and although he has not climbed to the podium since his first victory in Buenos Aires in the 2014/15 season, he won The opening round of the 2018/19 season that the Kingdom hosted, and Jean-Eric Virgin made history by becoming the first successive Formula E champion, winning the title in 2017/18 and 2018/19.

– Signing with Sims

The Mahindra Racing team confirmed the signing of Alexander Sims for this season, after he had announced the departure of Jerome D’Ambrosio, and the 32-year-old British had been in Formula E races since 2014, where he started as a test and reserve driver, and then got a race seat for the season. Fifth with BMW Andretti Motorsport, and the most prominent achievement in the sixth season was in Formula E Diriyah 2019, with his record of a distinctive double (first place and his first victory in Formula E in the second round of the race), his new colleague Alex Lin, 27 years old He returned to Formula E competitions in the second half of the 2019/20 season in Berlin, where he took the vacant seat in Mahindra Racing, and the British driver amazed everyone with his speed and points, and he also has great experience in Formula E, with his best result in the center. The fifth was at the Tempelhof Airport circuit earlier this year.

– The duo of Stoffel and De Vries

Mercedes-Benz EQ is present in the race competitions at the circuit of Diriyah with a team whose features have not changed, where Stoffel Vandorn and Nick De Vries collaborate again to score the Silver Arrow 02, and both drivers have previously ascended to the podium in the inaugural season in Diriyah, where they outperformed the rest of the teams in Round 11, before achieving third place in the overall standings from the previous version, the well-known driver Vandoorne, will compete in the race for the third time, armed with 24 prizes in the Electric Car Championship, as well as winning the Berlin final, in addition to winning two positions from Julius Baer Pole De Vries appeared for the first time in the sixth season, and entered Formula E as champion in (Formula 2), ending the year as the best rookie player in the 11th place, while his first rise on the podium came in round 11 of the previous edition.

Tom Plunkfest is on her team

New 33 confirmed that Tom Blunkfest will join Oliver Terphy in the 2020/21 World Championships, and Tom was first appearing in the 2014/15 season in London, and since then has become a permanent member of the New 33 Formula E squad. And he returns in the 2020/21 season to look forward to driving a car from “Neo” that contains a completely new powertrain. Tom Plunkqvist had competed in (Jaguar Racing) races for rounds 10 and 11 in Season VI and caught the attention of the New 33 Formula E team with his performance. Wonderful.

Buemi and Oliver Rowland

Nissan e.dams revealed that it maintained its drivers’ squad for the third consecutive season, with the presence of Sebastian Buemi and Oliver Roland again for the Japanese brand, and Buemi had won (6) consecutive games in the Super Pole qualifiers in the sixth season, with the best result in second place In Berlin, when he finished the race just three points behind Stoffel Vandorne, second place (Mercedes-Benz EQ racer), to occupy fourth place in the drivers’ standings, while Roland is one of the most experienced and successful drivers in the history of the championship, with the most wins since The championship was launched in 2014.

The hero is Sam Bird

Sam Bird, who has won several races during the past Formula E championship seasons, will join Panasonic Jaguar Racing in Season 7 after leaving Invision Virgin Racing at the end of the season. Sam Bird, 33, is among the elite of drivers who have participated. In all Formula E races since its inception in 2014. He has 9 wins in his record, including the first round of the Formula E Deraia race in the 2018/2019 season, in addition to 18 podiums, five first positions and five faster laps, while New Zealand racer Mitch Evans is looking forward to To complete the strong performance shown during the sixth season of the Formula E Championship.

– Pascal Whirlin

Pascal and his teammate Yerlin are at the helm of (German TAG Heuer Porsche), where the 25-year-old will join Andre Lauterer in the seventh season of the international grand race, and Werlin has participated in 17 races in Formula E until the moment, as he has been crowned first place In his first participation several seasons ago, he finished second in the (Santiago E-Prix) race.

– Norman rookie

Norman Nato joins Eduardo Mortara in the Rocket Venturi Racing team in the seventh season of 2020/21, where the player will replace the Brazilian motorsport legend Felipe Massa, and recently ranked third in the Le Mans European Championship, 2018 and the International Automobile Federation Championship 2019/20, and won On second place in the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours race, this year marks Edo Mortara’s fourth year with his teams, and his most notable achievement was when he was crowned racing champion in Hong Kong in 2019.


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