After the Corona epidemic ends, millions of jobs will not return


The American newspaper stated that “Covid-19“The latest big repercussions on the job sector, as a number of jobs have been eliminated, and companies are planning to make more employees work from home or replace them with robots.

و .ضحى robot Able to register guests in hotels or serve drinks, as well as to respond and communicate with those who ask about detailed services, without talking about what he does inside the factories.

All of these implications mean that many employees “will not be able to do the same job they were doing before.” The epidemic“.

He was the founder of Microsoft, Bill GatesHe raised eyebrows last November, when he predicted that half of business trips and 30 percent of “office workdays” would disappear forever.

Similar expectations came in a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, which said that 20 percent of business trips will not return and that about 20 percent of employees may end up working from home indefinitely.

These variables indicate that a large segment of the employees will seriously consider changing their profession or field of work.McKinsey “that 52 percent of employees questioned said they were considering “change.”

“We think there is a very real scenario in which a lot of the huge jobs and the low-wage jobs will disappear, especially in retail and food services,” said Susan Lund, president of the McKinsey Global Institute.

She added, “This means that we will need more training programs to cope with the new job market.”


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