After the controversial red card … a “harsh” attack by the Atlanta coach on the referee


In the 17th minute of the game against Atlanta and its guest, Real Madrid, German referee Tobias Stiller expelled Atlanta defender Remo Freiler, sparking a state of controversy between refereeing experts, ball analysts, fans and communication sites.

The Swiss defender made a mistake on Frenchman Ferland Mendy, the “royal” back outside the penalty area, as the latter was forging his way towards the Italian goal.

Real Madrid defeated Atlanta on Wednesday with a clean goal (scored by Mindy) in the first leg of the Champions League final.

Regarding this incident, Atlanta coach Gambiero Gasperini says, “The referee completely corrupted the match because the decision was exaggerated. I do not want to be subjected to another penalty, as happened to me in the Italian league. I do not want to say anything that pushes UEFA.” ) To punish me for months, but this is football suicide, we cannot choose referees who have not played football before and do not differentiate between a mistake and a regular violation, if he does not know the difference between them, then he must move to another profession, they must choose referees who played football previously.

And he continued – in statements to “Sky Sports Italia” – that “we have to win in Madrid, we cannot think excessively, we have one possibility, we must win.”

On the other hand, the French coach Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, preferred not to comment on the case of the expulsion, and said, “It is the referee’s decision.”

He continued, “I do not think that innovation is an important thing, such as scoring a goal and not shaking our net. We suffered from the absence of many players, but we are on the right path … We are strong in defense.”

In turn, Italian Fabio Capello – the former coach of Real – said that the expulsion was harsh, because Frolier was not the last in defense, the referee spoiled the match completely.

“I wanted to know if Gasperini’s pressure would work against the Real,” he added.

It is noteworthy that Frelair’s dismissal is the fastest for an Italian team in the history of the Champions League (16 minutes 57 seconds).

Al Maliki is also the club whose opponents have received a red card in the knockout rounds in the Champions League, 15 times.

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