After Messi’s fictional decade … the 10 biggest sports contracts in history


According to the leaked figures published by the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, the value Messi holdThe 33-year-old has reached 555,237,619 euros, or the equivalent of 673,919,105 US dollars, for a maximum of 4 seasons, which means more than 167 million dollars per season.

The amount includes a fixed salary, his image rights and variants, plus the tax that Barcelona had to pay.

The contract included a registration bonus of $ 139,854,228 for accepting renewal, and a “loyalty” bonus of $ 94,587,405.

All in all, Messi’s contract beats the NFL star’s deal Patrick Mahoms Amounting to 402 million pounds, or $ 552 million, with Kansas City Chiefs.

In any case, Barcelona club issued, on Sunday morning, a statement denying the leakage of documents and threatening to take legal action against the newspaper “El Mundo” which published Messi’s contract document, which came in 30 pages.

Although the club denied leaking the contract, it did not deny the numbers contained therein, which places the contract as the largest in the history of the sport.

“Sun Sport” Sports newspaper sheds light on the 10 biggest sports contracts in the world, and it is strange that most of these huge contracts are in baseball, and it came as follows:

Lionel Messi – $ 674 million

Messi, a 6-time Ballon d’Or winner, has tried to withdraw from a team Barcelona Last summer, by trying to activate a clause in his contract that allowed him to leave for free, but after threatening to take legal action, he made a dramatic turn to continue at the club, at least until the end of his contract in case the two parties did not agree to the renewal.

Patrick Mahoms – $ 552 million

Mahoms, star American footballThe 25-year-old extends his $ 552 million 10-year contract to stay with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Thus, the contract is equivalent to $ 55.2 million annually, and the player enjoys a $ 154 million injury guarantee.

Mike Trout – $ 468 million

29-year-old Mike Trout plays a pro at baseball With the Los Angeles Angels, a contract worth about $ 468 million.

Trout won the “Most Valuable Player in the American League” award for baseball 3 times, and earned $ 63 million annually in his 12-year contract.

Canelo Alvarez – $ 400 million

His original name is Saul Alvarez, a Mexican professional boxer classified in the middleweight category, who won the World Boxing Association Championship, the World Boxing Council Championship and the World Boxing Organization Championship.

During his career, Alvarez played 50 games, winning 48, drawing 1 and losing 1. He won by knockout in 34 matches.

Agreed Boxer The Mexican gets a deal for 11 fights with the “DAZN” sports group In 2018, the 30-year-old boxer got a deal worth 400 million dollars, at an average of 36.5 million per fight.

But he formally dropped out of the contract in November 2020 after he filed a lawsuit against former boxer Oscar de la Hoya and Dazen’s “Golden Boy Promotions” company for what he described as “ring failures”.

Neymar Jr – $ 382 million

The star of the Brazilian national team Neymar Junior is Messi’s former Barcelona teammate, the only other footballer to make it into the top ten list in sports contracts.

After moving to a team Paris Saint-Germain The Frenchman with $ 272 million, the 28-year-old got a 5-year deal worth $ 382 million, meaning that he makes $ 76.4 million a year.

Price Harper – $ 363 million

Price Harper or Max Harper is an American baseball player who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.

In March 2019, the 28-year-old right-handed player concluded a 13-year deal with Philadelphia worth $ 363 million, equivalent to $ 28 million annually.

In fact, at the time, that decade was the largest in game history baseballOr, baseball.

Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton – $ 357 million

Professional baseball player for the New York Yankees.

The Miami Marlins proved that Stanton, 31, was irreplaceable as they offered him a 13-year deal worth $ 357 million 6 years ago.

But the NBA star has not seen his $ 27.5 million a year contract with the club, as he joined the New York Yankees in 2017.

Gerrit Cole – $ 354 million

Cole, 30, was kidnapped by the New York Yankees in 2019 while he was free after leaving his former club, the Houston Astros.

Cole agreed to a 9-year deal worth about $ 40 million annually.

Mani Machado – $ 327 million

After leaving the Los Angeles Dogs, professional baseball player Mane Machado became wanted by the Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres.

However, “Padres” lured the 28-year-old player to him with a 10-year deal and an annual salary of $ 32.7 million.

Nolan Arena – $ 284 million

Last but not least on the list, professional baseball Nolan Arenado secured an extension of his contract with the Colorado Rockies at a value of about $ 35.4 million annually.

According to his contract with the Rockies, the extension to the 29-year-old boy, who won the “Golden Glove”, came for a period of 8 years.


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