After his imprisonment .. What did Muhammad Waziri’s lawyer, businessman Haifa Wehbe, comment?


Lawyer Suhad Imam, the lawyer for producer Mohamed Waziri, revealed that he has no comment on court rulings and that he will appeal the ruling against his client.The Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court had ruled that a former businessman, Haifa Wehbe, was imprisoned on charges of waste and fraud against her, at an amount of 63 million pounds, for a period of five years for the two charges, according to (her).

Waziri’s lawyer confirmed that this ruling was issued by a court of first instance as a result of a certain doctrine, and that he would appeal to appeal after meeting with other lawyers.

The lawyer of the Lebanese artist revealed that after the Qasr al-Nil family court rejected the lawsuit to prove the marriage of Muhammad Waziri to Haifa, he intends to file a defamation lawsuit and compensation for a large sum of money due to the damage to the artist’s great reputation.

The defense of the Lebanese star explained that the Public Prosecutor of Sheikh Zayed received the final investigations of the Public Funds Investigations in the complaint submitted by Haifa against the director of her business to seize 63 million pounds. Forward it to trial.


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