After he said about his obtaining the golden residency in the Emirates … a harsh attack on Ragheb Alama and demands to leave Lebanon (video)


Artist Ragheb Alama confirmed in a media interview that he had obtained the golden residency (a long-term visa that is automatically renewed) in the United Arab Emirates, describing it as a tribute to him and his wife Jihan Alama and his two sons Khaled and Louai.

He spoke on a program the insider In Arabic, he expressed his happiness after obtaining this residency, pointing out that during his stay in Beirut he sleeps happily because his children are in a safe place and there is law, justice, work, energy and vision forward, especially since the political situation in Lebanon is difficult.

His words angered many Lebanese who criticized what he said and launched a harsh attack on the media, demanding that he leave Lebanon if he no longer liked him. On the other hand, the greater part defended him, pointing out that his words are correct and he does not have any dust.

The “Super Star” narrated his suffering with the Corona virus that had struck him a while ago and his recovery from it, stressing that the experience was difficult because it was not possible to know the way the infection was launched..

Ragheb denied that he had been hospitalized because of the virus, indicating that he had entered the hospital for a period not exceeding half an hour to conduct some tests and a picture of his chest to check on his health..

On the other hand, Alama is preparing to hold two concerts in Dubai next month, and he is scheduled to perform a new Lebanese song, and he is still working on his new song “Because You Delaatak”“.


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