After demanding the dismissal of Fauchi … an American broadcaster faces a severe attack


The American “The View” anchor, Megan McCain, the daughter of the late Senator, John McCain, is facing a storm of sharp criticism, after she called for the dismissal of an infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, from his position as an advisor to the US President for virus control affairs, because “she did not receive the vaccine. Despite being a prominent person, “according to a newspaper reported”USA Today“.

McCain expressed her “frustration” with Fauci’s talk during an interview with CNN, in which he refused to recommend whether it was safe for grandparents who received the new coronavirus vaccine to meet their grandchildren who had not yet received the vaccine.

“I don’t want to make a recommendation on TV now,” Fauchi said. “I want to meet the team to look into this matter.”

On Monday’s episode, McCain (36 years) said, “The fact that Fauchi cannot tell me whether it is safe to have dinner with my family if I get vaccinated is terribly inconsistent messages.”

McCain criticized the vaccination program because of the long waiting period and that it might take up to several years for everyone to get the vaccine. By replacing Fauchi with someone who “understands science”, so that “we can reach what other countries have learned” in the stages of vaccinating their own populations.

The daughter of the late Republican senator criticized former US President Donald Trump and said that he was responsible for launching the vaccination campaign in this way.

Although McCain expressed her desire to be “responsible” and waited for her turn to be vaccinated, she described the program “a disaster” and said she should have been vaccinated.

But McCain faced a storm of sharp criticism on social networking sites, and some called for her dismissal, and some accused her of trying to use her family name to obtain the vaccine, and asked her to wait in line like other Americans.

But her colleague in the program, the presenter, Sunny Houston, who lost both of her parents to their infection with the virus, said Monday: “As Americans, we need to stop underestimating scientists, follow science. Then we will all be in a much better place,” noting that citizens are angry “because The Trump administration has not dealt with this issue properly. ”

Later, on Monday, McCain confirmed in a tweet that she was sticking to her opinion of Fuchi’s dismissal, “We need another person responsible for coronavirus messages and leadership.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC” received more than 61 million doses of the vaccine at least in the United States, and 18 million received the two doses, but the frost wave slowed the pace of vaccination.

With an average of 1.7 million injections given per day, Biden said he was confident of the ability to reach 600 million doses (enough to vaccinate the entire population) by the end of July.

The US President emphasized the hope that the current pace of vaccination holds. “I think we will get close to normal by the end of this year,” he said.

The death toll from Covid-19 in the United States has crossed the half-million mark, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University on Monday.

The university’s data, which is considered a reference in tracking injuries and deaths resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, showed that the total number of people whose lives the pandemic claimed was 500,071, an increase of 100,000 from the total number recorded just a month ago on the eve of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, who made the fight against Covid-19 His absolute priority.

AndBiden addressed a speech to the American peopleMonday, in which he consoled the families of the disease victims and called for American unity and patience in adhering to health measures to prevent the disease.

The Washington National Church rang its bells in mourning for the deceased, and the White House lit thousands of candles in honor of the victims.

Half a million deaths … Biden consoles the United States

US President Joe Biden addressed the American people, on Monday, offering condolences after announcing the death of half a million people in the United States as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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