After Aramco announced an increase in gasoline prices … Will Egypt raise prices?


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Aramco announcedAramco Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for setting the prices of gasoline and other petroleum products within Saudi Arabia On the increase in gasoline prices during this February to be in line with international prices. The price of 91 gasoline in Saudi Arabia in January was 1.44 riyals per liter, while it rose in February to be in the range of 1.62 Saudi riyals per barrel, and the price of 95 gasoline reached about 1.58 riyals per liter, while it rose to 1.75 riyals. Barrel.

Will Egypt raise gasoline prices during the pricing committee meeting next April?

And here, Eng. Shamil Hamdy, a petroleum expert and former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Petroleum, answers: There is an increase in global oil prices, and its price has reached Raw brent Currently about $ 60 a barrel.

Brent crude prices have ranged between $ 57 and $ 58 since the beginning of 2021, but it has made a jump during the past two days to reach levels of $ 60 a barrel.

Hamdi said in exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that Egypt decided to link gasoline prices to the global price, which confirms the possibility of increasing gasoline prices to be compatible with prices. petroleum In the past few years, the increase is expected to be in the range of 50 piasters per liter.

Meets Petroleum Products Pricing Committee Every 3 months, the price of gasoline in Egypt will be determined during the next three months as part of a follow-up and measurement of several basic elements, including the global price of Brent crude, the rate of exchange rate change, and the volume of local production.

The committee’s last announcement was last January, as its prices were approved until the end of next March, and the decision was to be fixed.

Gasoline prices in Egypt

Learn about gasoline prices currently in Egypt:

1- 6.25 pounds per liter of gasoline 80

2- 7.5 pounds per liter of gasoline 92

3-8.5 pounds per liter of 95 gasoline

4- 6.75 pounds per liter of diesel

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