Actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin explains a truth about her father’s house – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin revealed a truth about her father’s old house, explaining why the National Authority for Civilization Coordination in Egypt placed the sign “He lived here” in front of her father’s house in which he died and not the one who lived in it.

Rania explained, during a telephone interview on the “Cairo and the People” channel, that the old villa in which the great artist lived was demolished and a property was built in its place, indicating that this prompted them to place the sign on his house in which he died in the Sheikh Zayed area in Cairo.

She said, “We left the old villa, and those who bought the villa demolished it, and we no longer owned it, so it was better to put the sign on his second home.”

She stated that she really wished to have the sign on his old house, especially as it bears many memories related to Mahmoud Yassin’s artistic career and his personal life.



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