Actress Elissa criticizes officials in Lebanon and ignites Twitter


Today, Saturday, the Lebanese actress Elissa directed harsh criticism of the Minister of Health in her country, Hamad Al-Hassan, and a number of deputies, against the backdrop of the emerging coronavirus vaccines crisis.

The artist Elissa launched the hashtag “No confidence” on the “Twitter” site and wrote in her tweet: “The truth is that after I saw the practice, rudeness and lies of the Minister of Health and some MPs and officials, I have doubts even about the veracity of the large numbers of people with Corona and even those who died and how they died.”

The tweet’s chatter was widespread, and the reactions to it were distributed among supporters and critics of Elisa’s use of defamation phrases against the Minister of Health and the deputies.

Elisa’s tweet came against the backdrop of the World Bank’s threat to stop financing vaccines in Lebanon, after there was a suspicion of corruption on the part of politicians and MPs who received the vaccine, without registering their names or waiting for their turn.

And Hamad Hassan, the Lebanese Minister of Health, once again ignited the anger of the citizens, by commenting on the wave of criticism that was sparked by the parliament’s skip to arrange to receive the new anti-Corona virus vaccine in his country.

The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, told state television last Wednesday evening: The step to allow the deputies to obtain doses of the vaccine came based on his sovereign decision.

He explained that it is an expression of thanks to the deputies for the passage of the law that helped sign the agreement with Pfizer / Biontech to obtain the vaccine.

Health workers, the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases were supposed to be vaccinated first, but many members of Parliament were vaccinated before their turn. Course.

He added that the World Bank had asked the observers to verify that the vaccination centers adhered to the rules.


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