Abu Youssef presents “Bermuda” … Dense observations in three hours, and these are her words


In continuation of the problems, accusations and responses currently exchanged between the most famous rappers in Egypt, the rapper Abiusef released his new song “Bermuda” or as it became known as “Megatron”.

Forcing Ahmed Ezz to increase the cost of “Twins Zina” from 30 to 60 thousand pounds per month

In it, Abiusef sends a message to the rest, which is that whoever has enmity will fall into the Bermuda Triangle, meaning he will be lost.

The song achieved great success, with more than 250 views in just three hours.

Mega see, you don’t have to … you wrote Dis Track
This means that you were a long time ago, just kiss ass
He disliked your tone of voice … it would be fashionable
These words will not live in Egypt or Florida

Your master is on the house … Beef long for you
In fact, this is not a bag, this is not a bread, not a loaf

I don’t really want to, and she’s the one in dazzling
Daily classes like this and your alternative to Aldfouar
You don’t just say a horse, but you have a blow dryer
We don’t have money except you get paid in dollars

No clap …
Hatta with ten and Eiba with a starlet
You are down in Dahr … you disappointed your eagles
You don’t say the family, just because of a covered family
I see Mexico famous, so your eyes are broken

I compete with myself on the trend .. and the whole trend remained a rap
Clear as the sun when the Pope rose and fell asleep
They tried to sign me transparent fluid scape paper
If I wanted to break you, I would have made it follow back

Cursed because of the jal … a word I shouted because he said it
He taunts me with my food before rap to spoil me
Berbik .. and the announcement of your affection, which you are happy with
Ji Memo was before you, but their money is not paid

Do not blame the man after the mistake he made
You think if in the street you said that, I’m Hesipco
Do you know where is my home, and I know where is your home?
If your dignity was so hard on you, you would have come

And your account with Bate Ghala is two years
I don’t know how to reach it. Ask a mattress where is it?
And he will tell you if he asked you, but he did not ask why
You really want to write … As a Tim

Your hate is scratched in Mexico .. oh, my soul is upset
The most successful need for a bear is your passion and Scoco
I wiped all the channel and started with you without a fuse
Your numbers are written in the half of the time .. and by the effort

Tighten your tricks, but without the point flying
Fans are shown more often because of my class and prota
In the two countries, I was loath to insult your master
And the mother of your tongue who betrayed you … You are the one who started the journey

Some people register with you, and their bars do what you shop
DIY fire extinguisher Fa when the shower is smothered
Take it, use it and turn off the fire that I led
All this is because your numbers increased first when you destined

In the witches are my delusions … in the houses are thieves
Thank you, Memo, you reached Mexico for Ramy
Pasha adopted Arturk .. Memo and the one in the front
You are the one who conceals and confuses your companions by wearing them mask O fool

Between every bar and bar itch
From Memo, Gaur Haba … Abu Al-Anwar burned you
Repatel is easy, even if you are a nut
His saying, “Ayah, Shait rigid,” but means that you are burned

Msthh … I see you shouting in the tempt and shouting
Spirit … you will not hear your name
Every moment he clarifies the mossy and the prostrate
Workers, you find out that the first was not there

The shape of the mattress will write you to increase the insults
And you are Coco Nighty Disneyland lost with cigarettes
Sine Yalla Pro, write to me, we want to sign Apio
After this hot shower you go to the bathtub

Try to break it, but its heart
The last year, I was depressed, so Felo
It is not surprising that the homo of us boycotted you because of him
This is me Pro … six and thirty and a breakup

On Monday, February 22nd, Abu Youssef released the song “Set sit”, which is among the songs “Responding to Others” and the song achieved more than a million and a half views in less than 24 hours.

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