Abu Dawud … between an academic ‘gift’ and an athlete’s ‘fun’ … a guardianship to be completed – Saudi Arabia News


In one of the luxurious homes of a family that traces its lineage back to the “Al-Hudayri” family in the ancient Al-Bahr neighborhood adjacent to the old port of “Bab Al-Bunt”; At the end of the forties, he was born into a “Jadawiya” family that gave birth to inspirers of commerce and “14” players .. When the world came to an eighty father; He lived a spoiled child, being the youngest of his 13 siblings and the only mother and four sisters … and with his “father” the feared sailor and one of the sheikhs of his grandmother; “Markaz Al Hara” is adjacent to his home .. As for “Jeddah and Al Jeddawiyyin”; He issued a compilation of the composition of “the bride” and her family .. It is Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abu Dawud.When his “father” passed away at the age of eleven; His “orphan” was his honorable uncle, “Muhammad Ali Suleiman Abu Dawud,” with the legal guardianship of his father, and his grandfather for his mother was a sheikh who included the Jadaan tribe, “Hamel bin Abdulaziz bin Sabikhan al-Jadaani” .. and that is the solid Bedouin grandfather known to the tribes; He was affected by his personality and accompanied him to the prairie, and his image did not leave him to this day.

Among the “dialect of his heart” was his lofty Bedouin mother, his “companion in his path” his sublime, noble wife, and “the four hopes of his world” of his sons, Solomon and Khaled, and his two daughters; He is a tall palm tree that fell in love with those around her .. and when “longing” took a place in the space of his heart, he gave it to his older sister with a revelation that others did not know .. And when he kept his boyhood treasure among his brothers; He remembers his childhood meek and innocence.

When his dream was, from a young age, a job as a “war pilot”; He was transferred to the “Administration Department” at King Abdulaziz University, then changed to the “Political Geography” course .. As for the most prominent stations of his scientific history; So he returned from America with a doctorate .. And in his responsibilities as a university professor; He held the scientific glory as the reference of the renewed academic, investigative and geographic researcher … and when “newspapers” did not beg to write in his specialization; His research journals were full of refereed studies.

As for his football stations in short: So it started from the age of seven from the comfort of “Abu Dawud” in the sailors of the sea … and in customs that refuse to leave the neighborhood team swims He played defending “Al Hilal Al Bahari” at the “Al Hindawiya” stadiums east of Al Hajjaj city, and “Al Qurayyat” west of Bustan “Abu Naseeb” .. And when “father” forbade his children for “football”; He threw his clothes from the “window” to grab them on the street. And when his “uncle and grandfather” discovered that he had practiced “football” after the death of his father; His four brothers, Ahmad, Mahmoud, Hassan, and Ali persuaded them to continue, so he accompanied them to play in the “Abu Naseeb garden” on the quarry road .. and with “Al-Ahly” and “The Elect”; He won the “Command Badge” at the age of nineteen … and upon writing and analyzing; He wrote newspaper articles and research literature that made football history.


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