A study shows the effectiveness of the first dose of the “Pfizer” vaccine


A study that included health workers in an Israeli hospital found that the emerging anti-corona virus vaccine, which Pfizer worked to develop, is able to provide protection up to 85 percent after receiving the first dose alone.

The scope of the study included 7,214 Sheba Medical Center employees, who had received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine in January.

Research related to the study detected a decrease of 85 percent among people who show symptoms of Covid-19 infection during a period ranging between 15 and 28 days.

As for the decrease in total infections, including cases that did not show symptoms and required examination to be detected, it reached 75%.

And a specialist in the field of epidemiology at the Sheba Gili Regev-Ushai Center warned that the study sample was “young and healthy for the most part,” according to Reuters.

However, she indicated that the study was conducted during a period when Israel was witnessing a rise in the number of recorded injuries, which burdened the health sector.

Pfizer refused to comment on the recent data, explaining that it is conducting its own analyzes regarding “the effectiveness of the vaccine in the real world in various locations around the world, including Israel.” However, it may use Israeli data in its research related to the virus mutations that are emerging around the world during Recent months.


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