A source in the Football Association at night football: “Corona swabs” have been suspended


An official source in the Football Association confirmed that the committee in charge of managing the federation decided to suspend medical swabs to detect the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) until further notice.

The committee that manages the Football Association headed by Ahmed Mujahid had previously addressed the Premier League clubs, and each club demanded an amount of 3 million pounds, the value of Corona swabs for the current season.

In his statements, Laila Kora, the source said that the Football Association is in the process of addressing the clubs and informing them of the decision to suspend the wipes before the League and Cup matches until further notice.

The source indicated that this procedure comes in order to solve the crisis related to the dues, after the clubs refused to pay money to the Football Association.

The source concluded his statements, that the clubs, with their knowledge, handle matters related to swabs, analyzes, or any procedure to detect Corona virus at their expense.

It is worth noting that the league club officials had previously, through statements to the media, objected to the Football Association’s claim to them for the dues of the swabs, and refused to pay those sums.


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