A satirical song and another by “Al Sangel” … Artworks revive “Valentine”


This comes as a continuation of the habit witnessed in the singing community, with the singers’ keenness to release new songs on many occasions, includingSt. Valentine’s dayIt is celebrated by the world on the fourteenth of February every year.

The list of new songs this year witnessed several remarkable things, including the appearance of a singer with his wife in the “video clip” of his new song in celebration of Valentine’s Day, as well as dealing with the last occasion with a satirical song, while another participated in a sad song about “separation”, while keen It has two singers to participate differently, through the “Iraqi dialect”.

Although Valentine’s Day is usually associated with “those who are connected”, “Al Sanjil” or “Unrelated” have had their share of Valentine’s Day songs this year, through a song presented by the great singer. محمد ثروت, Titled “O hurry, my differenceWhich exceeded a million views during the past three days since it was put on “YouTube.”

It is the song that he said in media statements that it “became the official song for (unrelated) squirrels on Valentine’s Day, according to a comment he received on Twitter.”

“Ya Urgent Faraki” lyrics of the lyric poet Tamer Hussein, composed and arranged by Muhammad Rahim. And it has been widely popular on social media since its launch, amid a welcome return of Tharwat’s artwork.

Ironically, artist Mohamed Mostafa, famous for “Hamada”, released his new song “Happy Zift Valentine”, in which he deals with the occasion of Valentine’s Day in a sarcastic way and a funny performance. The song is one of his words, and a music distribution by Walid Sharaki.

And through his official YouTube channel, the artist participated Mohamed Fouad Finally, his new song on the occasion of “Valentine’s Day”, which bears the name “Ikilak”, the song is lyrics by Osama Mahrez, composed by Walid Saad, and arranged music by Khaled Nabil.

And to celebrate the “Eid” as well, the singer was released Ramy SabryHis new song, “Oyounouh When They Meet Me”, which is written by the poet Muhammad Atef, composed by Sabry, and distributed by Jalal Hamdaoui.

As an artist brought up Ahmed Jamal, A song titled “I Love You”, which is the sixth song from his new album. “I love you”, the words of the poet Noureddine Mohamed, composed by Ahmed Gamal, and the distribution of Muhammad Al-Ashi’s music, and were posted on “YouTube”.

As for the artist محمد محسنHis audience participated in a new song entitled “Ahlan Beik”, which is written by the poet Nour Abdullah, composed by Muhammad Al-Nadi, and a music distribution by Yahya Youssef. The clip was filmed in Beirut, and his wife, Heba Magdy, appears in it.

The singer Samo Zain Finally, in conjunction with “Valentine,” he released a song called “Habito” on YouTube, which is written, composed and distributed by Akram Adel.

Also put up Marwan KhouryOn his official YouTube channel, the clip “Hey my heart,” the song is composed of his lyrics, melodies and music and mixing distribution for Danny Khoury.

As for the Palestinian singer Mohammed AssafHe released his new song “Maratik” on his YouTube channel in the Iraqi dialect, which are Ramy Al Aboudi’s words, Ali Saber composed and distributed music for the narrator’s lover.

The Lebanese artist was also presented YaraSunday, her new song “Change People” on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, via YouTube, is also in the Iraqi dialect.

And in the way of a duet, and in the context of a sad drama about separation, the two singers posed Hytham Shaker AndHaitham Nabil Their new song, “Kent Galata,” is the words of Sarah Saeed, composed by Haitham Nabil, and arranged by Hussein Al-Najjar.

Valentine Songs

Although many singers annually release songs on the occasion of “ValentineThere is no “immortal” song primarily associated with this occasion, similar to songs associated with different occasions such as “Oh Night of the Eid” and “Hello Eid” for example, which is what music critic Muhammad Shamis comments on.

Shamis justified this in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that most of the songs presented in Egypt are about love, unlike other occasions that have special songs that remain linked to that memory, because there is not a large number of them, apart from the emotional songs that represent more than 90 percent of Produced songs.

He continued: “Most of the songs do not depart from the framework of love, as if there are no other things worth expressing, and therefore when Valentine comes there is no specific song associated with the minds of him, so all the songs fit him as emotional songs.”

Regarding the songs released this year on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the music critic praised the song “Ahlan Beik” by the singer Mohamed Mohsen, explaining that it is a good song in terms of many musical details.

He said that “Mohsen presents himself in a different and open way,” considering that the appearance of his wife with him in the clip of the song confirms that, and that the concept of love is linked to his wife.

Shamis pointed out that the song is full of important technical details, which confirm that Mohsen has “a method in which he tries to develop in a permanent and continuous way.”


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